Russian fishery industry showing good rate of investment growth

June 19, 2012 23:09

The Russian Statistics Committee published the report "Commissioning of Production Facilities in the Russian Federation in 2011". The report says that in January - December 2011, due to construction and reconstruction the production facilities in the fish processing sector increased by 81,300 metric tons of marketable food products, including 81 000 tons via construction and 300 tons via reconstruction, reports  

Due to new construction cold stores of 2 700 tons any one time capacity for storage of fish and fish products have been commissioned. For comparison, cold stores for meat and milk products were built for 1 600 tons of any one time capacity, and cold stores for trading companies - for 1 100 tons of any one time capacity.

Thus, in 2011 the share of cold storage facilities for the fish processing companies was 50% in the total volume of commissioned facilities for production and trade companies.


In 2000 to 2011 investments in fixed capital in the fish sector grew by 3.5 times (from 2.2 billion to 7.8 billion rubles). During the same period the yearly average growth of investments in the fixed capital was 14.2 % (510 million rubles).

Only in 2011 investments in the fixed assets of the fishery sector increased by 44.4 % (from 5.4 billion to 7.8 billion rubles). This is the second best result of the growth rate in the economy, right after the financial operations.

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