Russian fishermen boosted catches beyond national waters by ca.50%

March 15, 2019 09:21

As per March 13, 2019 the Russian fishermen harvested 117,000 metric tons of aquatic biological resources in the convention areas, foreign EEZs and international waters of the World Ocean, nearly 50% up on the respective result of last year.

In the middle of March 2019 there were 114 Russian vessels operating beyond the Russian EEZ. As compared to last year, the fishermen reported much higher catches in the Norwegian EEZ, in Morocco, in the NAFO and NEAFC convention area. Experts say such trend will persist.

Catches by fishery basins

The nation’s total catch descended by 4.4% as compared to last year to 976,500 tonnes. Catch rises in the Russian Far East Fishery Basin partly compensated the gap in catches and brought the basin’s harvest nearly to the last year level, namely to 734,000 tonnes. Alaska pollock catches totaled 593,000 tonnes, 700 tonnes down on last year. Cod catches grew by 8,300 tonnes and reached 31,200 tonnes. Herring catches declined by 8,200 tonnes to 54,000 tonnes.

In the North Fishery Basin the Russian fleets harvested 89,700 tonnes, 43% down on last year. Cod catches totaled 68,500 tonnes, 8,800 tonnes down on last year, haddock catches declined by 10,300 tonnes to 12,500 tonnes.

In the West Fishery Basin catches declined by 33.9% to 17,300 tonnes. Sprat catches amounted to 11,400 tonnes, 6,800 tonnes down on last year. Catches of Baltic herring decreased by 1,700 tonnes to 5,500 tonnes.

In the nation’s Azov-Black Sea Fishery Basin the Russian fishermen harvested 16,800 tonnes, 20.8% down on last year. The fishery in the Volga Caspian Basin took off recently, and as per 13 March 2019 catches in the Basin amounted to 700 tonnes, 1% up on last year.

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