Russian Fish Union supports government's traceability and certification plan

March 21, 2012 16:21

Russia's Fish Union (organization uniting importers and other market players advocating development of competition) has supported traceability and certification plan initiated by the nation's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor), reports

More specifically, Russian veterinary head Sergey Dankvert has announced short term plans aimed at creating the system of straight-through traceability of all animal products, fish inclusive, and introduction of certification on the basis of automated information systems of Rosselkhoznadzor, also in the sphere of registration of results of laboratory checks.

Fish Union has strongly supported the vets' initiative aimed at raising the level of biological and food safety of Russia, as well as cutting down administrative barriers for fish businesses and expenses associated with such barriers.

In cooperation with Rosselkhoznadzor and Ministry of Economic Development, Fish Union is going to participate in a number of experiments aimed at changing documents circulation from paper to electronic format. Union's leaders think that the Russian vets have appreciated proposals and efforts of the nation's fish processors willing to see the industry consolidated and have perceived interest of the market participants in cooperation aimed at improving the veterinary control system some principles of which has been formed as far back as in the Sovjet Union.

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