Russia to test fishing vessels electronic catch data exchange with Norway and the Faroe Islands

January 8, 2021 09:58

Russian fishing vessels will start testing two-way electronic data exchange on fishing activities with Norway and the Faroe Islands in 2021, reports

This decision is laid down in the protocols of the bilateral sessions at the end of the year 2020.

According to Russia’s Center for Fishery Monitoring and Communications (CFMC), the first stage of testing on the basis of the electronic fishing log with Norway and the Faroe Islands was completed successfully with the catch data between the monitoring centres transmitted correctly without failures.

Preparations are under way for the signing of two new agreements - Agreed Protocols on the electronic exchange of data on the catch and activities of fishing vessels with the relevant authorities of the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

An agreement was also reached with Greenland to submit reports on the activities of fishing vessels to the CFMC.

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