Russia to subsidize fish shipments from the Russian Far East

March 6, 2021 00:52

The Russian government is preparing a subsidies scheme for the transportation of fresh, chilled and frozen fish, as well as fish fillets from the Russian Far East to the country’s main consumption areas in the West, reports  

According to the federal government, the draft amendments to the rules for granting subsidies to JSC "Russian Railways" for the transportation of certain categories of goods at reduced tariffs are posted on the Federal Portal of Draft Regulatory Legal Acts with the public discussion of the document to last until March 18, 2021.

The draft indicates that "Fish and fish products" have been added to the list of goods whose transportation is subsidized from the Federal Budget. These are fish and fish products that correspond to the codes of the Unified Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature of Goods 572080, 572094, 572107, 572130, included in the item code of the Unified Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature of Goods 572003. In particular, these codes cover fresh, chilled or frozen fish, as well as fish fillets.

The subsidy is to be provided for the shipment of fish products from the railway stations of the provinces included in the Far Eastern Federal District.

The preferential tariff for fish will be valid until December 31, 2021.

The authorities have proposed to use the subsidies as one of the measures to support the fishing industry enterprises that faced problems with the supply of products to China in the context of the pandemic.

The draft is to be submitted to the Cabinet for approval by April 1st later this year.

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