Russia to launch voluntary ecolabel for agricultural products

March 10, 2021 21:29

Under the prepared legislation, producers of agricultural products, fish inclusive, will have the right to use a label indicating the environmental friendliness of the goods subject to a certificate of conformity. This will apply to items that are produced with the help of fertilizers, pesticides and food additives that meet safety requirements, and are packaged in biodegradable or recyclable containers, reports

According to Parlamentskaya Gazeta, consumers will have access to a register of manufacturers that offer eco-products. Such a package of bills developed by the Government is going to be considered at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues.

According to the documents, agricultural products are recognized as having improved characteristics if fertilizers, additives, flavorings, flavor enhancers, hormonal drugs and other substances used for their creation comply with the requirements which are established by the standardization documents.

In addition, it will be necessary to use agro-industrial technologies that meet environmental requirements, use only moderately dangerous or non-hazardous pesticides, do not use ionizing radiation and GMOs, and pack products in biodegradable or recyclable packaging that eliminates contamination of the product.

Corporations and sole traders who want to work in this market will need to certify improved agricultural products (plants, fish, meat), raw materials (fertilizers, seeds, etc.) and food (natural or processed products, as well as food additives) in one of the accredited voluntary certification systems. After that, manufacturers will be able to provide their products with a distinctive label, the form of which will be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Manufacturers of products with improved characteristics will be included in a special register. It will be published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, so that consumers know which companies produce eco-goods, which of their products have special qualities and where they are produced.

The deputies are also going to consider the accompanying amendments to the law "On the Development of Agriculture". According to them, support for agricultural producers who are engaged in the production of products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics will become one of the main directions of state support in the field of agricultural development.

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