Russia’s Fish Union contributing to the regulatory guillotine project

March 19, 2021 01:02

The chairman of the Fish Union (FU), Alexander Panin, took part in two meetings in the Federation Council and the Federal Agency for Fisheries dedicated to the so-called "regulatory guillotine", the project initiated by the government to slash obsolete legislation in the country, reports

According to FU, the association uniting mainly importers and processors has once again outlined its position on the control of glaze in fish products.

In particular, it has emphasized that the control of any glaze at the border and at the port of discharge by Rospotrebnadzor consumer protection watchdog and the Federal Customs Service should be completely abolished. On the other hand, the glaze control must be carried out without fail, but only when selling fish products to the consumer.

The point was backed by the logic that at the border there is no relationship between the business and the consumer, and accordingly, the consumer rights cannot be violated in any way, leaving no role to consumer protection authority.

From this viewpoint, any attempts to control the B2B process should be excluded as groundless, excessive and having a high corruption component, FU concluded.

The Fish Union says it will continue to work on reducing administrative barriers and improving the economic climate for businesses by, in particular, taking part in the "regulatory guillotine" government project.

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