Russia’s deep-sea crab quotas auctioned to the only bidder again

February 2, 2021 14:38

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries signed an agreement on fixing the shares of deep-sea crab quotas linked to investment obligations with the only bidder who applied for participation in the auction, reports

According to the Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, the auction was to be held on 2 February with the application period open until 28 January 2021. Two lots of four quota shares each were put up for sale. Each lot contained shares for the red snow crab fishery in the Primorye subzone and the West-Sakhalin subzone and the triangle tanner crab fishery in the North Okhotsk and East Sakhalin subzones. Each quota share to be auctioned was 16.666%.

As a result, the Agency declared the auction invalid as no one applied for one lot, and only one application from Khabarovsk-based OOO Amurrubprom was submitted for the other lot. According to the rules, as the only participant of the auction the company automatically won the auction with the contract signed at the starting price of ca.RUR261.5 mln. The winner undertook the commitment to build a crabber vessel on the domestic yard.

Deep-sea crab quotas linked to investment obligations have been put up for auction sale since 2019. At the fourth auction the situation was similar with the only application for four lots coming from Vladivostok-based ZAO Tefida. The company was declared the winner and got the quota shares it applied for. Two lots remained unapplied then, and the Agency planned to auction them on 2 February 2021.

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