Russia merging inshore and offshore fishing quotas and grounds

December 24, 2018 11:20

As of January 2019 the Russian fishermen will be operating in a single fishing space and under a single commercial capture quota as opposed to the previous division to inshore and offshore fishing zones as well as separate offshore and inshore quota entitlements, according to Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries (FAF).

Based on the 2016 amendments to the Law on Fishery, the fisheries will now be divided into inshore and offshore operations depending on domestic or foreign landing.

To qualify for inshore fishery benefits the fishermen are to land 100% of the harvest in fresh, live or chilled form for onshore processing or direct consumption. In return they will get an extra quota raising their allocation 1.2 fold.

Besides, as of 1 January 2019 the fishing companies will work under new contracts on capture quota shares for the period of 15 years extended from the current 10-year period of 2008-2018.

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