Russia continues to increase exports of fish and fish products to Africa

May 16, 2021 14:13

Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor (FSVPS) has recorded a significant increase in the Russian exports of fish and marine products to African countries in 2021, reports

According to FSVPS, from January to April the Russians shipped 20.4 thousand tons to Nigeria, which is 329 times more than in the same period in 2020 (62 tons).

In addition, according to FGIS" Argus" information system, in 2021 there has been an active export of fish to Ivory Coast. In the 4 months of the current year 8.3 thousand tons were exported to this country, while in the same period last year, no deliveries were made.

The diversification of sales markets is due to the need to re-focus on cooperation with new partners and is possible thanks to the work carried out by the Rosselkhoznadzor to open new countries for the export of Russian fish, the vet watchdog said.

Currently, the agency is finalizing veterinary certificates for the export of aquatic products with South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, the Republic of the Congo, Tunisia and a number of other countries of the African continent.

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