Russia comes forward as largest market for Norwegian herring in April 2009

May 15, 2009 16:51

Russia and Ukraine have scored as the two largest markets for pelagic fish throughout the first four months of 2009, reports with reference to Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

More specifically, export growth to Russia and Ukraine amounted to 93% and 53%, respectively. The export growth is due to increased volumes of herring, mackerel and capelin, and price increases.


In April 2009 Russia was the largest market for Norwegian frozen whole herring with 12,000 tons, up 3,000 tons from the same period of 2008. Ukraine took the forth position.

Herring fillets

In April 2009 Russia increased its import of herring fillet products from Norway, while the export to Ukraine showed a decrease.


In April 2009 7,000 tons of Norwegian capelin went to Ukraine while 3,000 tons were supplied to Russia.

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