Russia abolishes tax on Russian caught fish in 200 miles zone

August 20, 2011 12:13

The Russian government says that they are pleased with the results of the recent decision to abolish customs payments on fish and seafood, caught within the country's 200-mile economic zone.  Allegedly, this has increased the supply to the domestic market, according to  

For quite a long time all the fish caught within the economic zone had to be cleared by Russian customs.  Before 2009 - on board the vessel at fishing grounds, after it - in a port.  It was necessary to pay a fee for customs service, but never duty.  The fees administration took plenty of time, though total revenue for the government was quite low.

It has nothing to do with the 2009 decision to put all fish and seafood caught within the Russian 200 mile zone through customs clearance in a Russian port.

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