Railways shipping half а million tons of seafood from Russian Far East

January 20, 2021 00:29

In 2020 the Far Eastern Division of the Russian Railways was able to slightly increase its market share shipping 507.5 thousand MT of fish products (0.2% up year-on-year) to various destinations in Russia, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to the company, transportation in reefer sections and thermos railway cars amounted to 189 thousand tons (+2% vs 2019). Meanwhile the traffic in refrigerated containers went down by 1% to 318.5 thousand metric tons.

The shipments accelerated in December with 51.3 thousand tons of fish products transported, a 4% rise compared to the same period of the previous year.

For the shipment of seafood, JSC "Russian Railways" has implemented the accelerated refrigerated trains as part of the "Cargo Express" project. Within the service it is possible to book reefer railway cars with the cargo departing and arriving to the destination on agreed schedule.

This method allows customers to use their rolling stock as efficiently as possible, reduce the time of the car on the way and deliver the cargo to the consignee faster. According to the company, 15 accelerated trains were sent in January-December 2020.

The main volume of fish products in December 2020 was shipped to the consignees in Moscow (16.7 KT), Novosibirsk (4.3 KT) and St. Petersburg with 4.1 thousand tons.

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