Outlook for pollock fishery in Russian Far East in 2019

November 20, 2018 09:02

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has approved TAC 2019 for fishery in inland marine waters, in the territorial sea, on the continental shelf, in the Russian EEZ and in the Caspian Sea.

According to the Ministry’s order No.516 dated 9 November 2018, the Alaska pollock TAC has been slightly increased by 5,200 metric tons to 1,786.5 thousand tonnes from 1,781.3 thousand tonnes in 2018.

The APO TAC includes 693,800 metric tons in the West Bering Sea zone, East Kamchatka zone and North and South Kurile zones. The APO TAC in the Sea of Okhotsk has been set at more than 1,071.2 metric tonnes, in the Sea of Japan – at 16,000 tonnes and in the Chukotka zone – at 5,500 tonnes.

The TAC 2019 for all commercial species in the RFE amounts to 2,839 thousand metric tons.

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