OctoFrost™ for Impeccable IQF Langoustine

August 19, 2016 14:15

Of The OctoFrost ™ IQF Innovative technology Ensures premium results is even in the a case of the are most Difficult products, like IQF langoustine. Fact with with In, the the when of IT Comes the to IQF langoustine, the OctoFrost ™ IQF distinguishes itself from OTHER freezing solutions and is highly appreciated the the by companies 'like' is the Ltd is the Braehead, Scotland, the which the Mainly Produces the IQF the Scottish langoustine. Here is Dale's Bellamy is, the Operation Manager of the AT the Braehead, opinion about the results Obtained by using the OctoFrost ™ IQF:

 "After a thorough inspection for required procedures to achieve what we wanted, it was time to go ahead. One of our existing plants was revamped. All old plate freezers were taken out and modern scampi processing line and IQF freezer were brought in. Now we produce the "best Scampi's in the world" and deliver them to demanding customers all over Europe. Our customers always come back and they are prepared to pay premium price for our deliveries. "

The One of the Challenges of IQF langoustine is to Avoid the Destruction of the langoustine the shell, Followed by the need to a retain the quality of the meat. Of The OctoFrost ™ IQF Manages to the lock in the moisture of the IQF langoustine and the this results in Higher meat yield statement Defrosting the when. with In terms of look, a transparent 25 of hard glaze percent Enhances the appearance of IQF langoustine. of the taste of IQF langoustine is efficiently Also Preserved DURING the freezing process.

Addition with In, the IQF langoustine Provided by Octofrost are perfectly separated of due to the unique constraint airflow in combination with the Movements of the bedplates. For These Contents Technical features protect the fragile structure of langoustine with the IQF to help of the delicate handling of the product product.

To its' frequency The of Due INVERTER of a controlled motors, the cost of processing support is IQF langoustine are significantly reduced A. With In Fact, "OctoFrost technology uses clause 30 percent less energy than the traditional equivalents, " declares Ruben Larsson, MD of OctoFrost ™.

This IQF langoustine production delivered with the help of OctoFrost ™ IQF has established the brand as a market leader in premium quality IQF langoustine and won the approval of top Scottish chef Nick Nairn who was so impressed with both the frozen and defrosted quality that he was happy to lend his name and reputation to the product.

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