North Fisheries-based Companies getting investment fishing quotas 2021

January 3, 2021 14:21

In Murmansk-led North Fisheries Basin eleven companies have received investment quotas for cod and haddock fishery in 2021, reports

According to Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency, it has allocated the quotas versus the fulfilled obligations to build and launch into operation new production facilities and boats.

For 2020 the investment quotas were allocated to the Arkhangelsk Experimental Algae Plant, the companies "Russian cod" and "Park" versus commissioned onshore factories.

In 2021, the Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet, which built the 86-meter “Barents Sea” factory trawler in Russia, and Karelryba, which participates in the program with a fresher, will be able to start fishery on investment quotas.

The fishing rights for 2021 for onshore fish processing plants were received by the companies "Murman SeaFood", "Prichal-L"," Barents Group"," Cedar Plus"," Polar Sea+", "Fish Trading Network". The "Park" company has got  further investment quotas for a second onshore factory built and put into operation under the programme.

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