New Website Brings Consumers Closer to the Source

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA) has launched a new website that connects consumers with the region responsible for the world's largest wild sockeye salmon run. The site,, was unveiled yesterday during the BBRSDA Annual Membership Meeting, allowing the fishermen of Bristol Bay to get the first look at the new site, reports with reference to BBRSDA.

Bristol Bay salmon is naturally rich in heart-healthy Omega 3s, lends itself to a wide variety of culinary preparations and hails from some of the most pristine waters on earth.

"Bristol Bay is truly a national treasure. Alaskans know this, but most consumers don't," stated Bob Waldrop, BBRSDA Executive Director.

Since the BBRSDA doesn't process, hold inventory, or sell salmon, the new website focuses on Bristol Bay itself, the personalities of the fishing fleet, and the abundant and sustainable salmon runs of the region. The site is organized around the themes of Bristol Bay, Sustainability, Nutrition, the Faces of Bristol Bay and Recipes.

"Consumers want to know where their seafood comes from, and the new site aims to get salmon-hungry consumers as close as possible to the fish and the fishermen of Bristol Bay. This site is one part of a long-term outreach effort," said Waldrop. tells the history of the fishery, and emphasizes the "Faces of the Fleet," through beautiful photography, a series of fisherman profiles, and a video of the 2010 season shot by Bristol Bay commercial fishermen.

The BBRSDA's mission is to raise the value of sockeye harvested in Bristol Bay and intends to accomplish this goal through improved quality handling of the fish, but also by increasing consumer awareness about Bristol Bay and building demand for the product.

About the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA)

The BBRSDA is a harvester-supported non-profit specifically mandated by the State of Alaska to advance the quality and market-success of the Bristol Bay catch, address fishery-related infrastructure requirements in the Bristol Bay region, and create research and education programs to ensure long-term success of the Bristol Bay fishery. Learn more at the official BB-RSDA website, .

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