Negotiations between the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Mauritius Embassy

April 18, 2016 12:06

The negotiations were held at the initiative of the Mauritius party. At the negotiations the Russian delegation was headed by Alexey Alexeyenko, Assistant to the Rosselkhoznadzor Head, and the Mauritius delegation was headed by Maheswarsingh Khemloliva, Mauritius Ambassador to the Russian Federation, reports with reference to Rosselkhoznadzor.

At the opening of the negotiations the Maheswarsingh Khemloliva noted the importance of developing of trade relations with Russia for Mauritius economics. Therewith, fish products and sea food can become the main exports. Maheswarsingh Khemloliva emphasized the readiness of the Mauritius Veterinary services to receive the Rosselkhoznadzor experts for inspection of the Mauritius fish processing establishments interested in export of their products to the Russian market. Alexey Alexeyenko, in his turn, has informed the Mauritius delegation that 21 fish product and sea food manufacturing establishments as well as one fish  feed mill are currently authorized for export to Russia under the guarantees of the Mauritius Veterinary Service. 

The Rosselkhoznadzor is ready to consider the inspection in Mauritius after the commencement of export from the said establishments and in case of Mauritius party’s interest in the exporters’ list extension. 

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