Murmansk inshore fishery bottleneck about to be solved

June 16, 2021 14:13

The vessels conducting inshore fishery will soon be legally allowed to produce primary products, the types of which will be determined by the Government. These rights are included in the corresponding Bill adopted by the State Duma (Lower House) in the third reading on June 15, 2021. When approved by the Upper House (Federation Council) and signed by President Putin, the law will be applicable to all Russian inshore fisheries but Murmansk will be the main beneficiary because the lack of the above rights was the greatest obstacle to inshore operations in that area, reports

Until now the fishing companies were given an extra 20% on the harvest made under an inshore quota regime providing for landing the whole catch in an unprocessed form to onshore factories. However, to prevent spoiling the catch the fishermen would do bleeding, gutting and beheading onboard thus getting into trouble with the law enforcement authorities. Meanwhile the government feared that the primary processed material would be sold bypassing the onshore factories.  

According to the Parliamentary Newspaper, under the law the companies conducting an inshore fishery will be able to produce live, fresh and chilled fish products onboard, the types of which will be determined by the Government.

The products must be transported, stored and shipped to the seaports of Russia and other places determined by the authorities of the maritime regions in accordance with the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers, for their processing at enterprises in these regions or sale on the territory of the country.

The regulation will come into force on July 1, 2022, and until that time, the catch can also be decapitated. Also, until this date, it is proposed to allow unloading in ports not only the catch, but also fish waste and products processed from the catch directly on ships.

Export ban

The Cabinet of Ministers will also look into possible development of a draft law banning the export of the inshore catch to make sure it does not escape the domestic market. 

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