Murmansk governor voicing support for international container hub project

April 5, 2021 00:29

Murmansk Region will provide every possible support for the projects of the Northern Sea Transit Corridor and the Western transport and logistics hub of Rusatom Cargo LLC, the branch logistics operator of Rosatom State Corporation, reports

According to the government, the agreement was reached by the governor of the region Andrey Chibis and the General Director of Rusatom Cargo Alexander Neklyudov during a late March working meeting in Murmansk.

Rusatom Cargo LLC is implementing a large-scale project to create an international logistics system and service for sea cargo transportation between Europe and East Asia via the Northern Sea Route, the project known as the Northern Sea Transit Corridor. Among other products, the range of the shipped goods will naturally include seafood.

If the ports of Primorye, Sakhalin and Kamchatka are the key points on the eastern arm of the route, then Murmansk, or rather the western shore of the Kola Bay, is chosen as the main transport and logistics hub on the western leg of the corridor.

The company plans to build a port hub on the territory of the Murmansk Region for transshipment of cargo delivered by container ships from Europe to specialized ice-reinforced vessels operating on the NSR.

Alexander Neklyudov, General Director of Rusatom Cargo LLC, stressed that the choice of the project location is not accidental.

"We see that the Murmansk Region is the "heart" of the Arctic development, a powerful center of attraction for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. We see that a lot is being done here to improve the investment climate, that infrastructure projects are being successfully implemented in the region, and that a territory of advanced development has been created. Rosatom cannot and should not stay away from these processes. I am sure that together, in synergy, we will be able to give a lot to both the region and Russia, and our project will help the social and economic development of the region," said the head of Rusatom Cargo.

In turn, Andrey Chibis focused on the fundamental importance of the project not only for the Murmansk region and Russia, but also for the world.

The "traffic jam" that recently formed in the Suez Canal clearly showed the high risks of traditional sea routes and, on the other hand, the great prospects for the development of the Northern Sea Route. In order to develop the Northern Sea Route and increase cargo traffic, it is important to create all the necessary infrastructure, first of all, modern transshipment facilities. Therefore, we take all the necessary decisions related to the provision of tax benefits, the necessary land and support to minimize bureaucratic obstacles. We will pay special attention to the professional training of personnel for the project. These are additional opportunities for our young people who are now entering adulthood, " the governor stressed.

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