Murmansk fishermen want longer fishing quotas

June 23, 2021 00:39

The delays of the newbuildings constructed under the investment quotas and the resulting costs for the fishermen have led to ideas that it would be fair to extend the validity of the investment quotas from 15 to 20 years, reports   

"Taking into account the massive postponement of the commissioning of new fishing vessels and the huge financial costs that arise in this regard for the fishermen, it is permissible to raise the question before the government about extending the validity of investment contracts for the fishery (catch) of aquatic biological resources from 15 to 20 years," says the chairman of the Interregional Association of Inshore Fishermen of the Northern Basin, Valentin Balashov quoted by Fishnews.

The need to consider such changes was also stated at a recent conference by the executive director of the Northwest Fishery Consortium Sergey Nesvetov.

Besides, the fishing companies proposed to increase the deadlines for the construction of the boats under the investment quotas, to provide for the abolition of the requirement for a bank guarantee or a reduction in its amount, and to grant quotas when a certain degree of readiness of the vessel is reached as opposed to the currently required complete readiness.

It was noted that it is not necessary to hurry with the continuation of the program of investment quotas and new crab auctions at least before the results of the first stage are analyzed.

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