MSC gets foothold in Italy

April 1, 2016 09:17

CARREFOUR Italy and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) have committed to work together to provide Italian consumers with MSC-certified products, reports with reference to FishnewsEU.

In the coming months, Carrefour shops in Italy will stock various types of seafood (frozen, canned and chilled) with the MSC label. This will include products containing several species including anchovies, plaice, cod, wild salmon, albacore tuna and boreal shrimp. This demonstrates Carrefour’s 360° commitment to seafood sustainability in order to protect all species, not just those with greater media attention.

Carrefour's commitment does not end in offering products with the MSC label, but creates a virtuous system pushing their suppliers to be certified and to source MSC certified raw materials. Increasing the demand for sustainable products encourages new fisheries to enter the MSC program and implement sustainable fishing practices.

Flavia Mare, Responsible for Quality e CSR manager of Carrefour Italy, said: “We all have to be aware that our oceans are not an unlimited resource. The only way to ensure access to seafood, to all people, for the future is to ensure sustainable fishing. Carrefour's commitment to seafood sustainability began in 2007, with our support of a WWF call to stop the sale of bluefin tuna. It has continued through the fight against illegal fishing and the constant verification of the minimum catch size of fish. By joining the MSC program, Carrefour continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and the protection of marine resources.”

Francesca Oppia, MSC Italy Director, said: “We are very happy that Carrefour Italy has chosen to sell seafood with the MSC label. We’re convinced that through this commitment Carrefour will play an important role in educating Italian consumers and seafood producers, helping to create a more sustainable seafood market. The Italian market is less developed, in terms of sustainability, than other European markets but there are very positive signs. Our experience in Europe shows that retailers can be the real engine in driving seafood sustainability. Welcome on board Carrefour Italy.”

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