Meeting between Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor and Argetina’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Ricardo Negri

April 4, 2016 17:12

Sergey Dankvert held a business meeting with Ricardo Negri, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the margins of “Russia – Latin America” forum, reports with reference to Rosselkhoznadzor.

Issues concerning the bilateral cooperation were discussed in the course of the meeting, including the import increase of the Argentine apples and pears due to the fact that the season of such products in Argentina coincided with the period when they were of high demand in Russia. The Russian retailers’ interest in the Argentine products was also noted.

In the course of the meeting Sergey Dankvert expressed concern due to the fact that the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists during their visit to Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina had detected a variety of soybean lines not registered in Russia which were cultivated even in Argentina and were mixed with the registered lines in the process of production.

Import of soybean meal produced from the Argentine soybeans through Latvia and Belorussia began. These products were imported through the Republic of Belarus into the EEU territory without any checks and thus, the RF requirements were not fulfilled. Consequently, the Rosselkhoznadzor had to consider the necessity of imposing restrictions on soybean meal import through Belarus to Latvia. Alongside this, the import from Argentina may be continued in case the lines are separated and the RF requirements are fulfilled. The Russian and the Argentine parties expressed mutual intention to continue the relationships built earlier and remarked the high level of mutual understanding during the discussion of these issues. 

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