May 12, 2015 09:40

‘We have processed 11,500 tonnes of blue whiting so far this season and right now we have two trawlers at the quayside with another 3,500 tonnes, so we have enough to keep us busy,’ said Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson, the HB Grandi fishmeal plant’s factory manager at Vopnafjördur.

He said that the factory has been running shifts around the clock since the 22nd of April, and the occasional breaks in production have been used for cleaning

‘There has been rough weather on the fishing grounds south of the Faroes for most of the season, but there has still been good fishing. The blue whiting landed to us has been well chilled and it’s excellent raw material. There are minimal oil levels in blue whiting at this time of year, but the meal is very good,’ he said.

The trawlers in port at Vopnafjördur are Faxi RE and Ingunn AK. Faxi docked at eight o´clock this morning and Ingunn wasn’t far behind. Lundey NS is at sea.

Source: HB Grandi
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