Major retailer launched centralized production of ready-to-cook foods

July 3, 2021 00:55

Lenta (MOEX & LSE: LNTA), one of the largest retail chains in Russia, has launched centralized production sites in distribution centers in Moscow Region, Novosibirsk and Leningrad Region surrounding St. Petersburg, reports

According to LENTA, the company currently produces ready-to-cook items from fish and meat at the centralized production facilities of the distribution centers. In the future, salads, ready-made lunches, bakery products, pies and muffins will also be produced here. In total, 12 tons of seafood products per day will be prepared at the sites of the centralized production facilities. The output to the design capacity is planned for the beginning of 2022.

The range of products of LENTA's own production includes more than 750 items, with the launch of the sites, it will increase by 10 percent. At the same time, LENTA will retain production workshops in shopping centers, where they will cook the above convenient products.

Both the semi-finished and finished products from the distribution centers will be delivered to the stores in the central regions, the Leningrad Region and the Siberian Federal District. These regions are priorities for development within the framework of the long-term growth strategy announced by LENTA this year. Stores of the new "Mini Lenta" format are opening here, which will also feature products of their own manufacture.

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