Lower House approved the use of forest plots in conjunction with fishery operations

April 29, 2021 00:59

Russia’s State Duma has completed the final reading of the government bill (No. 1064136-7), which makes it possible to use forest areas in conjunction with fishing operations, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to TASS, when made into law, the document will allow erection of non-capital structures and facilities "intended for receiving, processing, transshipment, storage and unloading of catches of aquatic bioresources, as well as production of fish and other products from aquatic bioresources" on forest plots provided for fishery needs.

The initiative is aimed at " improving forest legislation in terms of establishing the possibility of using forests for carrying out activities in the field of fisheries," the explanatory note says.

The draft Law supplements the Forest Code with article 38.1 ("Use of forests for carrying out activities in the field of fisheries"). According to the document, the use of forests for fisheries is carried out with the provision of a forest plot for rent or with the establishment of a public easement. At the same time, the lease agreement will be concluded without bidding, "which provides entities with the right to harvest (catch) aquatic biological resources with guaranteed access to forest areas," the Cabinet of Ministers noted.

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