Kamchatka ends year with good modernization record

December 17, 2020 00:33

Kamchatka, Russia’s province making up to 30 % of the country's catch, is winding up 2020 with an impressive record of commissioned onshore plants and newly-built fishing vessels, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to the regional government, among the land-based facilities, one should mention completion of such big projects as highly advanced fish processing plant of Lenin Collective Farm, the huge factory RPZ "Maksimovsky" LLC with a capacity of up to 175 tons of finished products per day, as well as the modernization of the fishmeal and fishoil facility on the territory of JSC "Ozernovsky RKZ No. 55.

Under the "investment fishing quotas" program, the Lenin collective farm has built three modern RSW seiners-trawlers. Currently, two vessels have been delivered, and in mid-November an act of acceptance and transfer for the third vessel was signed.  The main feature of these vessels is the ability to store the catch in tanks with refrigerated sea water to keep the fish fresh longer for processing on land. This is a unique project for Russia where freezer trawlers have been dominating.

Today, about 16 thousand people are constantly employed in the region’s fishery industry. These are mostly residents of Kamchatka. At the same time, the sector is leading the region in terms of wages, which exceed RUB130 thousand per month.

Over the past 12 years, 25 modern plants with a processing capacity of 150 to 350 tons per day have been built and modernized in order to produce high-quality and high margin fish products. The overall production capacity has increased by almost 5 thousand tons per day.

The cold storage capacity has grown by more than 42 thousand tons.

Over the period the fishing companies have built, purchased and upgraded 22 fishing vessels.


Courtesy of Kamchatka government

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