Influence of fisheries on social development of territories to be discussed at Global Fishery Forum 2019

April 4, 2019 09:14

A roundtable dedicated to ‘Fisheries: The Social Dimension as a Factor for the Development of Territories’ will be held as part of the 3rd Global Fishery Forum business programme. Fishery experts and representatives of industry-related agencies from Russia and major fishing nations will discuss the creation of modern fishing industry infrastructure and its role in regional development.

The social aspect of fisheries in coastal areas remains relevant: the fishing industry provides direct and indirect employment for at least 120 million people worldwide.

The fishing industry provides the foundation for developing cities and towns, where the necessary manufacturing, logistical, commercial, and social infrastructure is being created. Russian maritime regions account for more than 60% of the territories. Coastal areas contribute to the development of various types of sea-related economic activities, including: maritime transport, fishing, tourism, and recreation.

At the same time, the seasonal nature of the industry gives rise to irregular utilization of production capacity and human resources, which in turn leads to uneven economic indicators, budget revenues, and the welfare of the coastal region as a whole.

 “It is impossible to build an effective mechanism for developing aquatic bio-resources without making the working and living conditions of people employed in the industry, living in coastal areas and inextricably linked to the sea and rivers a top priority. The industry’s main task in each country is to feed its people and to contribute to national food security”, Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Federal Agency for Fishery Director Ilya Shestakov said.

Participants of the roundtable will discuss measures for reducing risk, including how to ensure the continuous employment of the population as a factor in the development of single-industry towns, new technological solutions for the storage and processing of fish products, and the possibility of creating a social infrastructure in hard-to-access territories.

The Forum business programme also includes the ‘Ocean of Opportunities: Nature, Economy, and People’ plenary session and sessions on topical issues such as digitalization in the fishing industry, the resource potential of the Arctic and Antarctic, modern tools for the economic regulation of the fish market, and the resolution of social problems.

The 3rd Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo will be held on 10–12 July 2019 in St. Petersburg at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event is being organized by the Federal Agency for Fishery and run by the Roscongress Foundation.

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Organizer: The Federal Agency for Fishery (Rosrybolovstvo) regulates the production, conservation, and reproduction of aquatic biological resources. The agency’s responsibilities include organizing industrial fishing, scientific support for fishing, developing aquaculture (commercial fish farming), supervising the safety of fishing vessel navigation and rescue operations in fishing areas as well as fish conservation measures.

One of the Agency’s top objectives is to ensure the sustainable development of the fishery industry, which makes a significant contribution to the country’s food security and is a driver of economic growth in the coastal regions.

The Russian Federation accounts for more than 5.5% of global fish production and ranks fourth in the world in terms of this indicator. In 2018, Russian fishermen had a record catch rate for the past 25 years: 5 million tonnes of aquatic biological resources were caught, or almost 5% more than in 2017.

With the information support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

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