Independent processors voicing support for government’s strategy for fish sector

May 3, 2021 14:05

The Fish Union, amalgamating mostly fish processors and importers, has voiced support for the main strategic tasks made public by Russia’s fishery head Ilya Shestakov at a recent meeting with representatives of the industry, reports

In particular, Mr. Shestakov has mentioned the following objectives:

- Shifting focus from commodity exports to processed products;

- Increasing the depth of fish processing on the territory of the Russian Federation;

- Creation of onshore high-tech complexes for deep processing of bioresources;

- Saturation of the domestic market with affordable fish products.

Commenting on the guidelines, the Fish Union has underlined that it has been continuously promoting the ideas of developing domestic fish processing and increasing the consumption of fish products within Russia. In this regard, the statements of the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery are perceived as a positive signal, indicating changes in the assessment of the effectiveness of the fisheries complex in the interests of the Russian state and its citizens.

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