March 11, 2015 09:21

Faxi RE docked at Akranes last night with a full load of capelin, 1500 tonnes caught at the outer edge of Breidafjördur and south-west of Látrabjarg. According to chief mate Hjalti Einarsson, the western migration of capelin appears to have brought large concentrations of fish to the southern area of Breidafjördur, but the fleet has struggled with bad weather and heavy seas.

He said that weather conditions have been unusually bad since New Year and the pelagic vessels are fishing under some particularly difficult conditions.

‘The sea never gets a rest between storms, so we are seeing gear damage in the heavy swells. While there are good capelin marks off Breidafjördur, that’s where the boats are staying. But the capelin will be spawning soon, and what we really need is a few good days before the season comes to an end,’ he said.

The capelin Faxi landed at Akranes yesterday is in fine condition with around 44 pieces per kilo, with around 60% female fish. Discharging is expected to be finished late tonight.

Source: HB Grandi
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