Government digital platform to help boost Russian exports of processed seafood

November 28, 2020 09:31

Since November 26, the Russian exporters, including those of seafood, have been granted access to “My Export” digital platform (One window Information system). The Russian Export Centre (REC) which provides the service says that the multi-sectoral resource will contribute to achieving the goal of ensuring the growth of total exports of non-primary non-energy goods by 70% by 2030, reports

"One window" is a comprehensive digital ecosystem that is designed to provide businesses with online access from one point to government and other services that accompany companies ' export routines. The services of this system will provide solutions to the main business tasks at each stage of the export cycle-from obtaining the necessary skills and finding contractors to completing an export transaction using state services and REC services.

Initially there will be 4 Super Services, including two government services of Customs Declaration and Confirmation of 0% VAT rate. These will be complemented by another two government support services: transportation and exhibition/fair events. Support with certification is also to be provided in the system.

In addition, at the first stage, an analytical block and search for foreign buyers will be available.

Though the state support routines for transportation and exhibition/fair events are already implemented, they will be accessible from January 1, 2021 when the regulatory framework comes into force. This will allow to avoid documents on paper and significantly speed up the process of applications review.

In general, the "One window" system will allow exporters, including small and medium-sized businesses, to free themselves from the burden of paperwork, and establish electronic communication with various government agencies and organizations involved in providing export services.

The " One window " information system is part of Russia’s " International cooperation and export" national project designed to increase exports of non-primary non-energy goods, value-added seafood inclusive.

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