Future Fish Eurasia, Focusing On Aquaculture, Processing & Fish Trade

May 20, 2014 10:23

Future Fish Eurasia, the 7th International Fair for Fish Imports/Exports, Processing, Aquaculture and Fisheries will be organised by Eurasia Trade Fairs at the Izmir International Fair Centre between 05 – 07 June 2014.

Future Fish Eurasia 2014 will be organised in a hall of 11.000m², where products and services of over 250 local, international and represented companies will be on display. The concept of Future Fish Eurasia is a combination of fish products, aquaculture and fish processing equipment, catering for fish traders, fish farmers & processors.


Direct international exhibitors from Greece, India, Norway, France, USA, China, Iceland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, UK

Represented international exhibitors from Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Russia, Korea, Portugal, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Japan, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, India, Norway, France, USA, China, Iceland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, UK

Over 6.000 local and international visitors expected. Focus point in visitor promotions has been The Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Turkic Republics and the Balkans.

Turkey; One of the leading countries in aquaculture…

Turkey’s 8.333km coastline which runs from the Mediterranean Sea through the Aegean Sea and leading all the way up to the Marmara and the Blacksea, along with rich inland freshwater resources provides Turkey with ideal conditions for aquaculture. Turkey is very well utilizing these water resources with the main production of  90.000tons of Seabass/Seabream and 80.000tons of rainbow trout this year. Seatrout, Dentex, Meagre, Shi drum & Sharpsnout Seabream are other species that are also farmed in Turkish waters.

A good percentage of the seabass/ seabream production is exported fresh and/or processed throughout the world whereas rainbow trout is exported mainly to Europe as a hot smoked vacuum packed product.

The dynamic structure of Turkish aquaculture and Future Fish Eurasia form a perfect platform for those in the fish business. Providing an opportunity to introduce your aquaculture and/or processing technology to Turkey and its neighbouring countries, buy quality farmed products or sell alternatif seafood.

Future Fish Eurasia is organised with the full support of the Ministry Of Food, Agriculture & Livestock, Aegean Exorters Association, İstanbul Exporters Association, İzmir Fish Producers Assoc., Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee and Eurofish Organisation.


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