Fishing quota guide 2019 to help improve purchases for importers of Russian seafood

January 23, 2019 16:40

FISHNET team has produced and published a user-friendly guide of Russian companies’ shares and quotas for fishery in 2019.

This Excel-formatted guide based on official data from the Federal Agency for Fisheries covers companies’ allocations in the Far East, North, West and Volga-Caspian Fishery Basins, as well as international quotas for capture in the EEZs of Norway, Greenland, in the Faroese fishing zone and in the NEAFC and NAFO regulatory areas.

With a couple of clicks the guide shows:

• Quotas/shares of particular company in specified areas with the search to be narrowed according to the user’s needs

• The list of harvesters of particular species in particular area

• Rating of harvesters of particular species in particular fishing areas, etc.

FREE sample of the guide can be downloaded here.

Full version covers quotas and shares of 640 Russian companies (2913 lines).

Sortable E-Guide of Russian Companies' offshore and/or inshore quotas for capture in 2019

Euro 180


Please feel free to contact us regarding the guide at (Vera Aldokhina)

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