Fish international displayed a range of unusual products

February 17, 2020 08:56

Despite the storms, plenty of attendees were on hand at the MESSE BREMEN on 14 February 2020. Germany's only professional trade fair for the fish industry suffered less than expected from the winter storms, and the organizers of fish international counted a total of 10,302 attendees this year (2018: 12,203). Just three of the registered exhibitors cancelled their registrations.

"We consider this a manageable decrease - for us, it is much more important that so many exhibitors spoke positively about the event" says Andrea Rohde, Area Manager of Exhibitions at the MESSE BREMEN. "Most decision-makers did choose to come and brave the weather."

 The exhibition offered a range of unusual products – Japanese flounder, for example, which has been previously unknown in Germany up to this point. In addition, more and more exhibitors – including Deutsche See – are marketing products designed for the self-service counter or convenience store, as well as niche products like high-quality canned sardines.

 The first vegan products from established fish producers also generated plenty of media attention. Bremerhaven Frosta Food Service presented their "Fish from the field": fish patties or fried fish made from a vegetable blend, hemp protein and linseed oil in a crispy breadcrumb coating. Dutch company Sterk B.V. used fish international to launch its vegan sashimi products made to mimic salmon and tuna and created from tapioca starch and algae-based glucose.

Coronavirus concerns

The new Coronavirus did worry some participants at the fish exhibition. To counteract these worries, they strengthened hygiene measures and asked at-risk groups to stay home. Three registered Chinese exhibitors cancelled their visits. The fourth sent a company representative from North America to the exhibition. As a precaution, he posted a sign at the stand reading "Keep calm – we are Canadian".

The date for the next exhibition has already been set for 13 to 15 February, 2022.

On fish international

Founded in 1988, the fish international in the MESSE BREMEN exhibition halls is the only German trade fair for fish and seafood. Every two years, it attracts a good 12,000 visitors from the fish industry, fish wholesalers, food retailers and the hospitality industry. Here they find some 300 suppliers from around the world and use this opportunity to find out the latest information and discuss current topics in the business.

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