FAF working at full vaccination against coronavirus

July 6, 2021 08:57

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) and the consumer protection body Rospotrebnadzor have agreed to look into mandatory vaccination for all crew members of fishing and transport vessels, reports Megafishnet.com.

"We are obliged to provide one hundred percent protection of the industry from the coronavirus, so we cannot raise the question of partial vaccination," FAF head Ilya Shestakov said, according to FAF.

Shipowners need to organize timely vaccination of all crew members. "Salmon season in the Far East is entering an active phase, seasonal workers from other regions are coming. The second stage of the Okhotsk Sea season is also ahead – a large-scale pollock and herring fishery," the head stressed.

According to the shipowners, at the moment up to 70% of the current crews have been vaccinated, and a number of companies have reached 90%. According to FAF’s estimates, the additional need for vaccination in the fleet covers about 20 thousand people.

Salmon season

From July 1, vaccination will become mandatory for those who come to the Kamchatka Territory for shift work. This task was set by the head of the region, Vladimir Solodov, on June 28 at an operational meeting in the regional government.

"I believe that from July 1, it is necessary to make mandatory vaccination of all those who arrive for shift work. If there is support from Rospotrebnadzor, such a requirement should be introduced, " Vladimir Solodov said at the meeting.

The Minister of Fisheries of the region, Andrey Zdetovetsky, at the request of the head of the region, informed that about 6 thousand shift workers have already arrived in the region to work at fish processing enterprises. Another six thousand are expected to arrive.

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