ECR Russia supported concept of national system of seafood traceability

December 23, 2011 10:13

Board of directors of non-commercial partnership ECR Russia uniting trade chains and producers of consumer goods has officially supported a draft concept on implementation of national system of seafood origin and transportation traceability which has been earlier developed by the Fish Union, reports

The concept provides for successive input of data on seafood origin and transportation and is based on electronic data exchange between the departments. At the same time, the system is completely compliant with Automatic Identification System in the sphere of veterinary surveillance.

Participation in the traceability system will enable the retail chains to guarantee not only product safety, but quality as well. In other words, it will help them provide consumers health and retain their own reputation on the market. It will create a big advantage to retailers as compared to non-civilized retail traders and cut paper work costs, according to a spokesman of ECR Russia Ms Helen Tkachenko.

Realization of the project will simplify the system of veterinary control and surveillance, decrease administrative barriers in fishery industry and, above all, will encourage food and biological safety of the Russian Federation.

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