Cooperation agreement between Russia's Rosselkhoznadzor and Fish Union to make veterinary control more transparent

March 15, 2012 17:01

In early March 2012 leaders of Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) and the Fish Union signed a cooperation agreement aimed at making the system of veterinary control more transparent, reports

As their priority targets the sides have announced creation of the system of facultative certification of seafood products, introduction of the traceability system for seafood origin and transportation, promotion of healthy nutrition and seafood consumption.

A special focus has been made to formation of auxiliary elements in the system of laboratory checks of seafood products which is to increase transparency of vets' work.

According to head of Rosselkhoznadzor Mr. Dankvert, towards higher public control of supervisory measures the Russian vets are going to attract non-commercial fishery industry organizations and the Fish Union, first of all.

In its turn, the Fish Union thinks that the system of veterinary control during monitoring lab checks should be efficient, aimed at insuring protection of the Russian territory from entry of contagious diseases, maintaining safety control of products under state vet surveillance and at the same time being transparent and apprehensible and protecting business from introduction of illegal restrictions.

Below follow some of the measures in the sphere of laboratory checks as offered by the Fish Union:

  • Procedure of electronic notification of products' owner about selected samples;
  • Notification of products' owner about positive results of vet tests (e.g. confirming products' contamination);
  • Unification of lab methods and equipment in laboratories accredited for conducting checks on safety of food products;
  • Procedure of appeal of tests' results - arbitration, arbitral investigation;
  • Procedure of decision making on results of lab test;
  • Criteria and gradation of sanctions on cargo owner and producer due to violations;
  • Order of appeal of sanctions;
  • Order and grounds for sanctions cancellation.

Under the invitation of Mr. Dankvert the executive body and specialists of the Fish Union are ready to take part as observers in some control and surveillance activities which will encourage their transparency and higher confidence of market participants.

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