China's new demands halted truck shipments on Russian-Chinese border

June 11, 2021 00:34

Russian exporters say that since early June the Chinese have been refusing to accept seafood products from Russian onshore factories, reports

According to Fishnews, the problem has to do with the "health certificate" because the Chinese officials demand that the Russians fill out the column "Name and number of the fishing vessel", even if the products come from an onshore plant or an aquaculture enterprise leading to confusion on the exporter’s side.

Since the beginning of the week, China has not allowed about 40 trucks with fish products produced at onshore plants to pass through the Kraskino-Hunchun automobile border crossing, the Far Eastern Union of Mariculture Enterprises said.

In fact, the suppliers are suffering from a lacking single procedure for filling out the health certificate between Russia and China. It is hoped that the problem will soon be solved through communication between the concerned authorities of the two countries.

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