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Russian seafood suppliers getting access to Angola’s market
July 25, 2021 23:35

Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and the Institute of Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Republic of Angola have agreed on veterinary certificates for the export of milk and dairy products, food fish, seafood and finished products thereof from Russia to Angola, reports


Russia to join trend to ship fish in containers
July 25, 2021 23:24

Deliveries of fish in bulk to China as was typical for the Russian suppliers until recently, are unlikely to resume in the same volumes, reports


New auctions for crab quota shares to be ffollowed by other valuable species
July 25, 2021 22:59

The second stage of crab quota auctions is likely to unroll in 2023. Other valuable species are also planned to be put up for auction with investment obligations, reports


July issue of the Russian Fish e-Monthly published on
July 16, 2021 16:23

We are pleased to inform that we have just published the July issue of Russian Fish e-Monthly which is edited by Mr. Andrey Buzin, a seafood professional with a background of senior positions in Russia’s leading fishing companies.

FAF agrees to foreign-built vessels for krill project
July 14, 2021 08:59

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) has, in fact, agreed that it will still support the resumption of krill fishery despite proposed construction of vessels at foreign yards. Foreign-built second-hand boats are also considered as an extra option for the resumption of the fishery in the Antarctic by the Russians, reports  


Kamchatka pacific salmon season facing cold storage bottleneck
July 9, 2021 14:16

Both federal and local fishery authorities are voicing concern that the unrolling salmon season in Kamchatka may run into a shortage of cold storage capacity, reports


Russia banned import of some seafood products from Ukraine
July 7, 2021 00:18

In a counter move, the Russian government has expanded economic sanctions against Ukraine, reports


More projects allowed to compete for investment quota shares
July 6, 2021 15:54

The Interdepartmental Commission for the Selection of Investment Projects has approved six new applications for investment quota shares versus an obligation to build fishing vessels at domestic yards, reports


Russia tightens legislation on foreign control in fisheries
July 6, 2021 09:11

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law providing for a reduction of the share in the authorized capital of a fishing company, under which it is considered to be under the control of a foreign investor, reports


FAF working at full vaccination against coronavirus
July 6, 2021 08:57

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) and the consumer protection body Rospotrebnadzor have agreed to look into mandatory vaccination for all crew members of fishing and transport vessels, reports


Second stage of crab quota auctions being prepared
July 5, 2021 15:49

The documentation for the second stage of crab auctions is being prepared now within the Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF), reports


Anglers to be allowed to sell catches to commercial fishermen?
July 5, 2021 14:26

The largest business association of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, OPORA RUSSII (SUPPORT OF RUSSIA), has come forward with an initiative to allow permanent residents of coastal settlements to sell their catches to fishing companies, reports


Russian importers to challenge Customs in Supreme Court
July 5, 2021 00:08

Domestic importers are facing a situation when the customs authorities will retrospectively charge additional payments based on documents from the Chinese Custom Administration. But such grounds are illegitimate, the Fish Union amalgamating importers and processors complained to a senator from Russia’s Federation Council (Parliament’s Upper House), reports


President Putin signed Bill on Inshore Fishery into Law
July 4, 2021 23:39

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law No. 338 of 02.07.2021 "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources" and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation". The relevant document was published on July 2, 2021 on the official Internet portal of legal information, reports


Major retailer launched centralized production of ready-to-cook foods
July 3, 2021 00:55

Lenta (MOEX & LSE: LNTA), one of the largest retail chains in Russia, has launched centralized production sites in distribution centers in Moscow Region, Novosibirsk and Leningrad Region surrounding St. Petersburg, reports


The Сhinese vannamei import market is in a mess!
July 1, 2021 07:00

Indian vannamei shortage in China, the importers and processers suffered a lot due to the supply issue and the temporary restriction.

Region’s government puts up for sale major Chukotka quota holder
June 26, 2021 00:05

As part of the state property privatization program, on August 9, 2021, Chukotka government plans to sell 100% of the shares of its JSC "Chukotrybpromkhoz", the key enterprise of the Chukotka fishing industry, reports


NORWEGIAN yard’s reputation loses glitter with Murmansk owners?
June 24, 2021 13:58

The sinking of Russian "Melkart" trawler during docking at Norway’s Kimek shipyard in March earlier this year may be a blow to the reputation of the facility until now doing a very good business with Murmansk fishing fleets, reports


Murmansk fishermen want longer fishing quotas
June 23, 2021 00:39

The delays of the newbuildings constructed under the investment quotas and the resulting costs for the fishermen have led to ideas that it would be fair to extend the validity of the investment quotas from 15 to 20 years, reports   


Russia getting law on green agricultural products
June 17, 2021 09:18

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law No. 159-FZ dated 11.06.2021 "On agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics", the legislation also applying to the fish industry, reports


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