Unique fish oil plant ready for commissioning in Magadan

December 2, 2022 17:05

Omega-Sea company based in Magadan has nearly completed construction of a state-of-the-art fish oil. As port end of November, the facility is 95% ready for commissioning.

According to Magadan Truthm the investor is the group of companies "Sea Wolf" (includes Pacific Fishing Company, Mag-Sea International, CEO Mikhail Kotov). The project cost is estimated at 1.6 billion rubles. Plus 6.5 billion rubles invested into construction of the new vessel.

The plant is being built at the Portoflot berths of the Magadan seaport on a landsite of 12.8 thousand m2 (adjacent as a continuation to the Marina project).

The equipment is fully assembled and installed, the only thing left to do is to adjust everything and perform commissioning. Launching is scheduled for January 10. During the first week or so the plant will work in test mode, then it will start production.

Two lines are planned at the plant – refining (purification) of fish oil obtained in the production of fish meal, and production by deep purification of re-esterified fish oil (rTG) rich in Omega-3.

At first, production volumes will amount to 100 metric tons of refined and 3 tons of re-esterified oil per month. In the future, a large-tonnage trawler will bring raw fish for the plant from the Sea of Okhotsk. But while its construction is underway in Turkey, raw materials will have to be purchased from partners in Vladivostok. The first 200 tonnes of raw materials have already been purchased, delivery is expected in early December.

As for oil encapsulation, the company plans to launch this production no earlier than in a year. Actually, the launch will depend on how soon it will be possible to settle the issue with the purchase and supply of imported equipment. So far, there are problems with this.

Fish oil will be produced in 200-liter barrels and Eurocubes of a thousand liters. The fish oil will be delivered to other domestic plants, which will encapsulate the oil. According to the company’s director, they already have a preliminary agreement with several companies.

At the same time, he assured that a part of the encapsulated oil will necessarily be supplied for sale in the Magadan region.

At full capacity, the plant will start producing 2,000 tons of refined and 200 tons of re-esterified oil per year. Such production facility will create 30 jobs with the prospect of further expansion.

According to Anatoly Popov, one of the most in-demand specialists at the enterprise will be a food industry technologist.

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