Russian pollock and herring catch showing positive trends year-on-year

November 25, 2022 16:38

Russia’s total catch of Alaska pollock in the Bering and Okhotsk Seas by November 17, 2022 amounted to 1.383 million metric tons, thus showing a 12% increase on the respective result of 2021. Herring catch was also on a rise – plus 19% YOY to 225 thousand tonnes.

According to the Federal State Agency for Fisheries, the total pollock catch in the West Bering Sea zone from the beginning of the year as per November 14 amounted to 452.1 thousand tonnes (+32% on 2021).

In the second week of November there were from 14 to 27 vessels targeting pollock on the grounds, including 8-14 large and 6-13 medium ships.

Observers said the pollock size ranged at 35-66 cm. The dominant size was 41-46 cm – 59%, with the average length of 45.6 cm and the average weight of 672 grams. Females accounted for 53.8% of catches. Non-market size pollock accounted for 0.3%.

The total catch of Alaska pollock in the Sea of Okhotsk as per mid-November amounted to 931 thousand tonnes — plus 4.2% on 2021 (893.1 thousand tons). During the second week of November, the fishery was mostly held in the Kamchatka-Kuril and North Okhotsk Sea subzones. More specifically, the fishing efforts were 13-19 vessels, including 8-13 large and 1-9 medium vessels who reported catches 99 tons and 38.2 tonnes per ship respectively.

The Pacific herring catch through the year to mid-November totalled 225.3 thousand tonnes – by 19% up on 2021 (189.3 thousand tonnes). The herring fishery was conducted by 6-12 vessels, including 2-6 large and 4-6 medium vessels reporting daily catches of 153.8 tonnes and 112.8 tonnes per ship respectively.

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