Russian government will subsidize loans for seafood imports

May 30, 2022 16:57

Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order allocating over 37 billion rubles to subsidize a special program of preferential loans for imports of products important for the national economy, reports

The order covers preferential loans to importers at a rate of no more than 30% of the Central Bank's key rate plus three percentage points. In the current conditions, this is a little more than 6%. The funds allocated by the Government will allow subsidizing such loans totaling at least 800 billion rubles.

The period for which importers will be able to obtain such resources will depend on the objectives of the loan. For the purchase of raw materials and components, the preferential rate will be valid for one year. For equipment and production means – three years.

The list of priority imported products fit for preferential loans, includes food products, medicines, pharmaceutical products, vehicles, construction materials, various machine tools, agricultural machinery, electronics.

The new support tool will help enterprises to reduce current costs, arrange the supply of all necessary goods and resources.

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