Russian fleets caught nearly 770 thousand MT of fish

March 29, 2022 15:32

According to the industry monitoring system, the total catch of aquatic biological resources by all Russian fishermen as of February 28, 2022 amounted to 768.5 thousand metric tons or 16.7 thousand MT or 2.2% up year-on-year.

The total catch of aquatic biological resources in the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin amounted to 605.7 thousand tons, which is 47.7 thousand tons or almost 8.6% higher YOY. The figure includes catches of 464.3 thousand tons of pollock, 26.1 thousand tons of cod and 65.9 thousand tons of herring.

In the Northern Fishery Basin, the catch totalled 76.5 thousand tons. In the cod fishery, the catch amounted to 46.6 thousand tons, haddock - 14.9 thousand tons.

Fleets of the Western Fishery Basin altogether harvested 13.6 thousand tons. In the sprat fishery, the catch amounted to 9.4 thousand tons, Baltic herring - 3.9 thousand tons.

In the Azov-Black Sea Fishery Basin, the total production volume amounted to 9.1 thousand tons, of which European anchovy amounted to 8.3 thousand tons.

The catch in the Volga-Caspian Fishery Basin totalled 12 thousand tons, including sprats - 11.4 thousand tons.

In the convention areas, exclusive economic zones of foreign states and the open part of the World Ocean, the production volume amounted to 50.4 thousand tons.

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