Russia’s per capita fish consumption fueled by good catch and surging aquaculture

September 28, 2021 16:01

In 2020 fish consumption in Russia amounted to 22.2 kilos per capita versus 22kg in 2019. And consumption tends to grow, reports

According to vice-premier Victoria Abramchenko quoted by RG, the average global consumption of fish, according to the FAO forecast, will reach 21.2 kilograms per capita only in 2030. By this time, fish consumption in Russia should reach 25 kilograms, vice-premier estimated.

Ms Abramchenko said that, despite the pandemic, Russian fishermen were able to quickly rebuild and ensure the stability of catches and the supply of fish to the domestic market in the required volume. This year, 3.8 million metric tons have already been caught – on a par with last year. And the total catch of Pacific salmons this year is twice as much as last year, and amounts to 520 thousand tons.

According to Abramchenko, aquaculture is becoming one of the most powerful drivers of the industry's development. The volume of commercial aquaculture production in Russia in the first half of 2021 increased by a quarter compared to the same period last year. And over the past ten years, the volume has doubled.

Meanwhile, the sector is still focused on raising the availability of fish products inside the country. This is also possible if we organize the delivery of fish products from the Far East to the central part of Russia via the Northern Sea Route, said Victoria Abramchenko.

"We have an absolute potential in developing the country into a "fishing" empire," the Deputy Prime Minister is sure.

The Ministry of Agriculture forecasts seafood turnover in 2021 at about five million tonnes - the same as last year. The volume of commercial aquaculture production will reach 360 thousand tonnes (32 thousand tonnes more than last year). Last year, the growth was 14%.

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