Russia’s fish sector facing digital transformation

January 18, 2022 16:54

The government of Russia has defined plans for digital transformation in agriculture and fisheries sectors. One of the planned goals is to provide electronic scales and cameras onboard fishing vessels for transmitting information in real mode, reports

According to Fishnews, the Government has approved a strategy in the field of digital transformation of the agro-industrial and fisheries sectors of the Russian Federation until 2030 (Decree No. 3971 of December 29, 2021).

Digital changes should ensure the introduction of the Internet of things, digital twins, drones and technologies for onboard recording of catches.

Modern technologies should be used in the sphere of public administration and towards higher efficiency of commercial production and trade, the document says.

So, in 2030, it is planned to create a single digital platform to collect indicators of agro-industrial and fisheries sectors. By the same date, the Situational Digital Center of Rosrybolovstvo and the Ministry of Agriculture should be created.

In 2024 by 50%, and in 2030 by 100%, it is expected to enable providing state support to agricultural and fish enterprises in a digital format.

The provision of public services within the powers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rosrybolovstvo should switch completely to modern technologies.

100% traceability of livestock products turnover should be ensured in the new decade.

50% of small businesses in agriculture and fisheries in 2030 should have access to digital sales channels.

By this time, half of the fishing vessels should be equipped with electronic scales and cameras with real-time transmission of information.

It is necessary to ensure 100% coverage of monitoring of fishing activities in a mode close to real time.

When implementing the strategy, it is planned to use radio electronics of Russian origin. Investments in domestic solutions in the field of information technology should increase fourfold.

The tasks of the transition to digital technologies include higher affordability of agricultural and fisheries products and reduction of their cost price. The paper flow and deadlines for the provision of public services should be reduced, the reliability and completeness of data on the actual situation in the industries should be ensured, and the illegal turnover of products should be reduced.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has been appointed as the agency responsible for coordinating the implementation of the strategy.

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