Fitting-out of lead processor trawler at full swing

November 1, 2021 15:59

At the Northern Shipyard based in Saint Petersburg the head processor trawler of the project 170701 "Captain Sokolov" is being outfitted now, reports

According to, as per late October current, cable lines are being fixed onboard the trawler, air conditioning and ventilation systems are being installed, insulation work is continuing, tanks for various liquids are being painted.

The fish processing equipment has already been delievered onboard, its installation is underway. By the end of October, it is planned to ensure that the ship is ready to receive power from the shore and to mount an antenna dome on the wheelhouse, which will provide monitoring of the navigation situation and satellite communications. The plans for the next month are to complete the installation and alignment of the main engines, and to carry out their trial start by the beginning of December.

According to Igor Orlov, General Director of the Northern Shipyard, the construction of the Captain Sokolov trawler has disclosed many "bottlenecks" in the design documentation. "We are constantly searching for the new design and technological solutions, actively interacting with the customer and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. I can definitely say that this is an invaluable experience for shipbuilders, and the trawler should become a breakthrough in the global market of fishing vessels," added the shipyard’s leader.

The Captain Sokolov is the lead processor trawler in a series of ten vessels of the Project 170701, which is being built at the Northern Shipyard by the order of the Norebo Group under the investment quota program. The laying of the vessel took place on November 23, 2018.

The project 170701 trawler is designed for fishing with bottom and pelagic trawls, onboard processing and storage. The multifunctional fish factory installed onboard will be able to produce chilled fillets, minced meat, liver and fishmeal.

Processor trawler of project 170701:

  • Project developer - Nautik Rus
  • Length - 81.6 m
  • Width - 16 m
  • Speed - 15 knots
  • Displacement - 5500 tons
  • Main engine power - 6.2 MW
  • Total capacity - 150 tons of fish per day
  • Freezing capacity – 100 tons of fish per day
  • Crew - 80 people
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