Development of digital solutions in Russia's fishing industry gathering momentum

October 6, 2022 22:54

The pace of implementation of digital solutions in fishing has been growing in recent years.

According to the analysis of the Association of Shipowners of the Fishing Fleet (ASRF), digitalization covers almost all segments of the fishing industry: from public administration and control to the organization of fishing and production.

The process of improving digital solutions is ongoing and is related to specific market demands. In particular, it the plan covers:

• creation of mobile applications for an electronic fishing journal and control of the origin of products, a digital atlas of fishing, a system of electronic certificates of origin of the catch, electronic veterinary and accompanying documents;

• expanding the use of satellite technologies in fishing, including for telemedicine (a mobile complex for remote diagnosis of a patient's health status on a ship was first tested in July earlier this year);

• consolidation of information systems on a single platform for end-to-end traceability and control over the catch and turnover of the aquatic bioresources and fish products.

Digitalization of fishing should be end-to-end - along the entire chain of fish production. Along these lines, it is supposed to introduce automated systems for weighing catches. The ASRF actively supported this initiative as an important element of fisheries sustainability. Digital control of the volume of catches and their processing will eliminate the discards of substandard fish and juveniles, thereby improving the safety of the main fishing stocks. Automation of the existing control methods associated today with the mandatory presence of border guard officers during transshipment of fish products will reduce the inappropriate use of the time allotted for fishing operations.

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