Antimonopoly Service seeks transfer of quota allocation to auction mode

October 5, 2021 17:24

The Federal Antimonopoly Service seeks transfer of quota allocation to auction sale, but only after the termination of the current contracts. At the same time, already operating enterprises should get a certain advantage at the auction, reports

In recent years, FAS has actively put forward initiatives on distribution of the fishing rights. In 2020, the Service proposed to move away from the "historical principle" to the distribution of quota shares at electronic auctions, but after the existing contracts have terminated.

According to FAS as quoted by Fishnews, Oleg Korneev, Head of the Construction and Natural Resources Control Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, voiced his position on the transfer to auction distribution in the future at a joint meeting on October 4, 2021.

"But the rules of the game should, in our opinion, be set in advance so that those market participants who are already working in this market today prepare and, let's say, earn additional points to participate in auctions when allocating new resources," the FAS representative said.

Antimonopoly experts believe that it is necessary to work out a mechanism of allotment, which will give already operating enterprises a "slight advantage" over new participants, so that their experience is taken into account. "In this part, we are, in general, ready for active work," Oleg Korneev said.

He stressed that the department is always open to discussing incoming proposals.

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