An overview of the fishing situation for August 10, 2021

August 18, 2021 14:03

The main objects of the fishery in terms of production (catch): Alaska pollock - 1166 thousand tons (the share of the catch is 58.4%); cod - 111,270 tons; Pacific herring - 204 thousand tons (46% of TAC plus recommended catch); Far Eastern flounders - 31,290 tons, reports.

Negative dynamics relative to the indicators of 2020 is observed for pollock - less by 188 th. tons, commander squid - less by 53 th. tons, saffron cod - less by 2 th. tons, Far Eastern soles - less by 13 th. tons, pacific cod - less by 11 th. tons; positive dynamics: for Pacific herring - more by +70 th. tons, atka mackerel +10 th. tons.

As of August, 8, the total catch of crabs (gold and blue king crabs, snow crab bairdi, snow crab opilio) was 10 439 tons (week +61 tons), of which 5 245 tons - in investment quotas. The total catch is 1,253 tonnes lower than in 2020 (catch in 2020 - 11,692 tonnes).

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