Industry hails positive changes in system of importation and exportation of fish, fish products and non-fish products

December 15, 2008 16:52

The Ministry of Agriculture, Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor and representatives of territorial bodies, the local administration of a number of regions of Russia and top management of a number of industry Associations took part in a meeting dedicated to the fulfillment of the resolution of the Russian Government No. 184 (about the rules of processing of calling/leaving of fishing vessels in the Russian fish sea ports and importation/exportation of catches of aquatic biological resources) as well as of part 3.2 of 19th article of the Federal Law "On Fishery and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources" (according to which aquatic biological resources captured by the Russian fishing vessels in the Barents Sea, the Baltic Sea and in the Black Sea outside the inland sea waters, territorial sea, EEZ and Continental Shelf, as well as in the Azov Sea and the Caspian Sea and products of their processing shall be delivered on the customs territory of the Russian Federation, reports (

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of Rosselkhoznadzor Grigory Kovalev. According to the resolution No. 184, the vet certificates for import/export of aquatic biological resources shall be issued against a preliminary application of the foreign trade participants within a 3 hour period. This became possible after creation of regional data bases of concrete fishing areas as regards the health safety of the aquatic biological resources as applicable to various species placed at the web sites of the coastal offices of Rosselkhoznadzor in the Maritime Provinces. The data as well as the information about the range of products on board the vessel, condition of the products, the owner of the vessel, fishing area and importing country serve as the ground for the rapid issuing of the vet certificates and health certificates for Russian products exported including EU-countries and China. The new system was highly evaluated by the participants of the meeting.

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